The surfing paradise


A small fishing village, located halfway between Essaouira and Agadir, still authentic and not very touristy. Imsouane is however known throughout the world for being one of the most beautiful surf spots in Africa.

Come and experience the longest wave in Africa, which can reach 800 meters. While taking the small road at the exit of the national road in the direction of Imsouane, take the time to stop for a few minutes to admire the bay of Imsouane seen from the top of the cliff. Let yourself be surprised by these perfect and aligned waves that break one after the other around the pier of the port.

The surf spots

The mythical bay

The endless right

Probably the best reef point in Morocco, the Bay is a paradise for longboarders of all levels. The best conditions remain in rising tide. The access to the peak is easy by crossing the harbor or by the beach, it is then enough to be carried by an interminable wave until the shore. Beginners will be happy, because the spot is safe and the waves are so long that there are three separate sections to surf. Furthermore, they will not necessarily need to go to the peak to catch a wave.

The Cathedral

Amazing Right-hand wave

Spot located on the northern peninsula of Imsouane, also called Cathedral point. More exposed to the North Atlantic swell, especially in winter.

The point break, very appreciated by bodyboarders and short boarders, offers a more technical wave which sometimes, at the arrival of big winter swells, requires a more confirmed level of surfing.

The beachbreak, on the other hand, is a spot more accessible to beginners and intermediate levels, especially outside the winter period.

The Reef

Left-hand wave that breaks on a reef in front of Imesouane’s main place. It suits all levels but becomes shallow with big swells.

Climate & Forecast

The village of Imsouane enjoys a mild and temperate microclimate throughout the year.